Roots WordPress Theme Customization: Hack the original or child theme it?

Roots WordPress Theme Customization: Hack the original or child theme it?

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The Roots WordPress Theme offers a number of nice benefits. Chief among them:

  1. integration of the HTML5 Boilerplate
  2. prettying up WordPress’s paths to images, RSS feeds, etc.

But here’s the catch: I’d like to modify a few things — particularly un-hook the CSS frameworks, so that I can strip the CSS down to my own preferred defaults.

To customize and cut down the CSS overhead in Roots Theme, it looks like the best approach is to hack the theme itself rather than try to child theme it.

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Modernizr: a script to smooth the road to HTML5 and CSS3

a JavaScript library allowing you to use CSS3 & HTML5 while maintaining control over unsupported browsers

Modernizr is a script that will detect native CSS3 and HTML5 features available in the current UA and provide an object containing all features with a true/false value, depending on whether the UA has native support for it or not.

In addition to that, Modernizr will add classes to the <html> element of the page, one for each cutting-edge feature. If the UA supports it, a class like cssgradients will be added. If not, the class name will be no-cssgradients. This allows for simple if-conditionals in CSS styling, making it easily to have fine control over the look and feel of your website.

via Modernizr/Modernizr – GitHub.

Roots WordPress Theme: HTML5 Boilerplate and Blueprint CSS or

Roots WordPress Theme: HTML5 Boilerplate and Blueprint CSS or

Roots Theme ScreenshotThis new theme framework is getting some nice reviews: The Roots WordPress Theme by Ben Word.

From a review of the theme at

To my thinking, Roots is a great example of the kind of features you should be looking for if you’re seeking out a framework. It’s up to date with today’s best development advice, it’s based on tried and tested projects that many developers will already be familiar with, and it’s been designed with speed and ease in mind—perfect for those of us who like to make it out of the office on time while still doing a great job. There’s a growing collection of documentation, and a glance at the project’s GitHub repository shows frequent updates to both the code and the manuals.

Go visit the Roots WordPress Theme

HTML5Boilerplate WordPress Theme by Aaron T. Grogg

HTML5 Boilerplate Theme Admin Panel

This is worth following. A theme framework based on the HTML5 Boilerplate, with minimal or no CSS — ready for you to add your own. No bloat. Just solid, tested, standards-compliant, cutting-edge code, with the benefits of the HTML5 Boilerplate community.

Here’s the original blog post: My First WP Theme: “Boilerplate: Starkers” | Aaron T. Grogg

Here is the theme itself in the WordPress free themes directory.

And here is a plugin Aaron’s developed to add HTML5 Boilerplate benefits to an existing theme.