Web Typography


CSS Typography Six Revisions

CSS Typography: The Basics — SixRevisions.com

“Good typography is not only imperative for aesthetic appeal, but also improves site usability when text legibility and readability concepts are applied.”

Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques

“Technical typography is like type theory … rules that always hold, are proven to work and are independent of design.”

jQuery / CSS Tools

  • Lettering.js — gives you complete down-to-the-letter control of your type
  • Kern.js
  • Hyphenator.js — automatically hyphenates texts on websites if either the webdeveloper has included the script on the website or you use it as a bookmarklet on any site.

Free Font Sources

Google Font Directory

Google Font Directory is a collection of fonts that are housed online. This allows you to simply insert the code into your stylesheet and use the font in your design. Nettuts+ has written an article that helps explain the process better.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is an excellent resource for @fontface-based fonts. It also has a @fontface kit generator for fonts that don’t come ready-made for that use.


Fontex is similar to Font Squirrel. The main difference is that Font Squirrel’s fonts are commercial-grade, meaning that they have all the characters necessary for a normal font and they also can be downloaded in a kit for @fontface. Fontex has an extensive font selection, but some may have restrictions on usage.

Premium Font Resources


Typekit is touted as the definitive source for web fonts to use in web designs. It ranges from $24.99 to $99.99 a year to lease fonts for a certain number of websites. There is also a free option for personal use, but it is very limited, so if you’re looking for some serious font power, it isn’t really worth it. Also, from a purely aesthetic viewpoint, I like their color palette.

Web Typography Inspiration


Typographica is a website dedicated to reviewing typefaces and type books. They also review typographic design and fonts on occasion.

Type Union

Type Union is designed to showcase typographer’s and designer’s work with typography. Anyone is welcome to submit a design, provided it is their own. Please pardon the language.

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