Intro Video for Basecamp Mobile

Mobile web-app developers, check out 37signals new Basecamp Mobile.

For behind-the-scenes perspective, read their blog post on their decision to go with a web app as opposed to native apps for iOS, Android, etc.

And it appears that in the process 37signals has been building a new web-app framework, which they’ve dubbed “Cinco.” Given that this is coming from the creator of Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson, it should be worth watching.

See David’s tell-tale tweet:

Basecamp goes mobile with HTML5 and our new Cinco framework: — thanks to @sstephenson, @joshpeek, and @jz

And then this comment in response to inquiries:

SS 01 Feb 11
Basecamp Mobile is written in CoffeeScript using our in-house Cinco mobile framework, which ties together Backbone.js, Zepto, the Eco templating language, and Stitch.

We’ll be talking more about Cinco and open-sourcing it in the coming months.

See the original comment with links here.

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