Redesign Underway!

You know what they say about the plumber’s house — always the last to get its plumbing fixed. Something similar with this part-time web designer’s blog. I’ve had a design in the works for awhile … and now I’ve just decided to speed the process by taking it live and living dangerously for a few days.

Holy smokes look out!

Bugginess may ensue. Occasional ugliness must be forgiven.

(But what a rush!)

Let me know if you spot something strange.

The goal: Clear, enjoyable, easy reading.

Under the hood

  • A custom fork of the Roots theme, with
  • Bootstrap, of course
  • Font Awesome (not much in use yet)
  • lessphp for autocompiling my LESS updates

So far it’s proving to be a nice combination. More details to follow.

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