Small Cameras, Great Images: Sony NEX-C3 and Olympus PEN EP-3

New Sony and Olympus Cameras

In an exciting review, David Pogue walks through some of the features of new cameras by Sony and Olympus, specifically, the Sony NEX-C3 and the Olympus PEN EP-3.

To provide a succinct summary, key selling points of these cameras include:

  • “set new records for speed and photo quality”
  • “turn this camera on, focus and snap in under a second”
  • “an autofocus lamp which beams out enough light for the camera to use for focusing in dim situations”
  • “a brilliant OLED touch screen … [that] lets you do things like double-tapping to zoom in during photo playback, tap to show where you want to focus, and even tap to fire the shutter”

Not a Dream – Small Cameras, High Quality Images – _ State of the Art –

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