HTML5 Semantics: Worth it or Not? An open debate between Divya Manian and Jeremy Keith

If you missed this debate, go back and check it out:

Divya Manian opens

Allow me to paint a picture:

  1. You are busy creating a website.
  2. You have a thought, “Oh, now I have to add an element.”
  3. Then another thought, “I feel so guilty adding a div. Div-itis is terrible, I hear.”
  4. Then, “I should use something else. The aside element might be appropriate.”
  5. Three searches and five articles later, you’re fairly confident that
  6. aside is not semantically correct.
  7. You decide on article, because at least it’s not a div.
  8. You’ve wasted 40 minutes, with no tangible benefit to show for it.

To which Jeremy Keith replies

If we want to have well-considered semantic elements in the language, we need to take the time to consider the effects of every new element that could potentially be used to structure our content.

So I will continue to stop and think when it comes to choosing elements and class names just as much as I would sweat the details of visual design or the punctation in my copy or the coding style of my JavaScript.

Great debate, with a lot to be learned from reading each side. (IMHO: Keith wins.)

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