New Content Coming …

Hi everyone,
I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the Bootstrap, Roots Theme, and jQuery tutorials I posted last spring. I want you to know I’m laying plans to get back to it and ramp things up a bit. Currently, I’m working on an upgrade to this website, and soon I’ll be teaming up with a partner to start planning and producing next tutorials. Expect new content to start flowing in the coming weeks. And I’m hopeful that 2013 may be even more productive around here.

Thank you for your comments and prods to more activity. I enjoy this project and look forward to getting it rolling again. Soon.

Best regards,


7 thoughts on “New Content Coming …

  1. Looking forward to new posts! Your previous tutorials were very useful.
    I’m just curious, will your new website upgrade be based on Bootstrap or will you continue to build upon the yoko theme?
    Great work!

  2. Hallelujah!!!

    (There is nothing more to say than I’ve already said ceptin’ this hail of gratitude. Sure glad your time has freed up to the point you can do this. It’s always a breath of new energy and motivation when you find someone else interested in your project so you don’t have to go it alone.)

  3. Thanks for the most excellent Twitter Bootstrap tutorials. I am an iOS developer and haven’t done web dev in years. Bootstrap is a revelation and is exactly what I need for my current online project.


  4. Hi
    So great to hear that moore roots tutorials is planned. I will follow these tutorials closely. Thanks.

  5. Your Bootstrap and Roots tutorials, in particular, have been very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing them. I’m really looking forward to new ones!

  6. Hi
    I searched around for a slick solution to add content above the navbar in roots. And when scrolling the page, navbar changes to fixed (sticks to the top). Could please point me in the right direction or maybe you have a solution to this problem.
    Example of desired functionality:

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