A Little Twitter Bootstrap Book

For anyone who’d like a quick, friendly, step-by-step guide to Twitter Bootstrap basics, I’ve authored a little book for you, just released today.

Twitter Bootstrap Web Development Book Cover image
Twitter Bootstrap Web Development
Packt Publishing, November 2012
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Contents include

  • Bootstrap’s responsive grid system
  • The responsive navbar
  • Typography, buttons, thumbnails, captions, and tables
  • Bootstrap’s excellent jQuery plugins, including
  • Drop-down menus
  • Tabbed content switching
  • Responsive carousel slider for images and captions
  • Use Bootstrap’s Customize page for basic customization of CSS and JavaScript
  • Recommended resources for going further with Bootstrap
In a word, this book is a brief, friendly introduction to the basics of using Twitter Bootstrap.
Warning: Because the book is brief, and basic, there are a slew of things it does not cover.

What this book does not cover

  • There’s no room for serious customization of Bootstrap’s built-in styles.
  • It’s not able to introduce you to working with Bootstrap’s LESS files.

I regret that. But again, the book is brief and basic. (I had constraints.)

Who would want to buy this book?

If you hate sorting through the documentation yourself, this little book will get you started. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to return to the Bootstrap docs with familiarity and confidence as you consult it and other recommended resources to keep rolling.

Is it up to date?

As up-to-date as I could make it! Version 2.1


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