Bootstrap 3 (RC1) is out! Tuts coming soon …


At long last Bootstrap 3 is out — Release Candidate 1 that is. Read the blog post here.

Bootstrap 3 is a big deal. Some truly fantastic work has gone into it. Not least among the new touches — a new, more adept, mobile-first grid system.

I’m prepping a little introductory tutorial, which should be ready in the next few days. I hope to keep things going after that, with semi-regular tips and tricks for working with Bootstrap.

For those who enjoy working with Bootstrap in the context of the Roots Theme for WordPress, I’ve got some tuts in the works for you as well.

If that interests you, be sure to check back, and perhaps subscribe to receive updates.

Meanwhile, part of the reason I’ve been so quiet lately is that I’ve got a Bootstrap 3 book underway. My previous Bootstrap book was frankly too skinny. This one will be fatter, with blueprints for building a variety of types of websites using Bootstrap. I still have some writing, testing and revising to do. (So does Bootstrap 3 itself, during these two release candidate phases.) But I’ll be doing my best to get the book out as soon after the official release as possible!

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Bootstrap 3 (RC1) is out! Tuts coming soon …

  1. Me too, big fan! Still in learning mode along with django/html/css/heroku admin study but I will be one of first to buy your Twitter Bootstrap 3 book. Excellent and pragmatic resource/reference books.

  2. Are you still working on these? If you do, I think a Donate button would be great under the “Follow Me” section of your site!

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